Mario Fulgoni

Mario Fulgoni was born in Bardi (Parma). He studied composition with Eugenio Furlotti, at the “A. Boito” Academy of Music of Parma graduating in Choir Music and Choir Direction (1973) and Band Instrumentation (1975).

He has written theatre music, chamber music, choir music and orchestra music. In the field of choral music he has a vast production to his credit. He has won international competitions for choir composition obtaining many prizes. His compositions are included in the repertoire of various Italian and foreign choirs; several of which have been chosen as obliged pieces for national and international choir competitions.

He has been the director of various vocal groups and choirs amongst which the Choir “Città di Parma” with which he has carried out many concert activities in Italy and abroad, autonomous or in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna “A. Toscanini” Orchestra.

As a member and president of the jury, he has participated at national and international competitions for composition and choir singing.

He is often invited to hold follow-up seminars for teachers of Theory and Solfeggio at Academies and music schools and gives formation courses on Choir direction to choir directors, these courses are promoted by the regional choir associations.

His compositions are edited by Suvini Zerboni (La Cartellina), Pro Musica Studium di Roma, Federazione cori del Trentino, Carsa Edizioni di Pescara.

The editorial house “La Nota” of Reggio Emilia has published a series of his manuals, that contain a practical method of musical semiography invented by Fulgoni himself: Manuale di Musica (2 volumes); Manuale di Solfeggio (3 volumes); Dettati (1 volume divided into 3 courses: 1 audio CD’s for each course) – and in collaboration with Anna Sorrento, the Manuale di Teoria musicale (2 volumes), at present in use in many Academies and music schools in Italy and in some German speaking countries.

He has taught Harmony and Rhythmic reading at the National Institute for Jazz Study in Parma, and at the Music Academies of Mantova, Piacenza and Parma he has taught Theory and Solfeggio.